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Interested in giving back to our fantastic community this Holiday Season? We’ve put together a list of charities & Non Profit along with how we can donate. Thank you for considering spending a little time or money on a new, or familiar, cause today.

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As a busy mom there’s little doubt that selling your home can feel stressful. You have to know how to assess the market and properly execute all the steps in the home-selling process in a reasonable timeline so you’re not left without a home. Add to that the fact that you likely have a million and one things going on—juggling home activities and a demanding job. You don’t have time to handle all the ups and downs of real estate, or worse, risk leaving money on the table. I can help. You are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable agent with proven results to help walk you through the selling process and make sure you’re capturing all the equity you deserve. I work tirelessly for my clients because I know how stressful it can be to manage a home sale while you’re trying to purchase your dream home and balance home life. My service-oriented nature, strong negotiation skills, and resourcefulness are precisely why my clients choose to work with me.

Let’s take selling your home off your to-do list and put it on mine.



Currently, 90% of adults with disabilities are living at home with their aging parents who may or may not be able to adequately care for them.

Two Sparrows Village provides day programs and residential options for families with special needs adults who have aged out of the school system. We believe all adults should have opportunities for an independent life consistent with their individual capabilities. For more information and/or to donate, visit


We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising money to offset the cost of counseling and other emotional wellness services in order to reduce stress and the effects of trauma in our community of Coweta County.

For more information and/or to donate, please visit



At the Real Life Center, our goal is to give HOPE to those in our local community who experience hardships from life’s unexpected  difficulties,  such as divorce, major health issues and job loss. We work to create stability in the midst of crisis and use a holistic approach over a one year period that incorporates innovative programs designed to be a catalyst for long term change.  Our Food Program offers families of Coweta and Fayette counties not only bread, dairy products, canned goods and meat, but also nutritious fruit and vegetables from our orchard and garden, store partners, and local farmers. Our Financial Assistance Program assists with rent and utility bills helping to keep families in their homes. Individuals who attend our Educational Classes gain valuable information enhancing personal growth in the areas of emotional, relational, physical, financial and spiritual health. Our Clothing Closet, Financial Planning services, and Career Coaching additionally help families work towards the goal of stability and propel them towards wholistic change. We are privileged to be a safe place where hurting families feel the love of Christ, are encouraged, and given the gift of HOPE. There are many opportunities to serve at the Real Life Center! Come harvest produce in our orchard and garden, teach a class, sort donations, organize a food drive, or help families shop for food in our pantries or for clothes in our clothing closet. We would love to have you be a part of the hope many of our neighbors need during difficult times! Collectively, we can show our community….we are BETTER TOGETHER!

To make a donation – Visit


We are also blessed to have a wonderful group of volunteers, from Pike and beyond. They help us with fund raising, events, housing and caring for fosters, socialization and training of foster dogs, cross posting available animals to help them find homes, spay/neuter organization and shuttles, and so much more!

Monetary Donations via Mail or Online

We are always in need of monetary donations.

This work is very expensive, and we are always on a very tight budget. Donations are fully tax deductible and we promise to be good stewards of your generosity. Monetary donations can be mailed directly to: Coco’s Cupboard, Inc. P.O. Box 4 Molena, GA 30258 or visit


This Garden was Established in October 2016 with just a handful of volunteers working the land behind a local church. We celebrated our 1 year Anniversary with incorporating as The Giving Gardens, Inc.. Since then, The Giving Garden has donated over 6000 Lbs of organic produce and 6300 eggs to the Sweetwater Mission Food Pantry. In addition to the Sweetwater Mission, The Giving Garden has also been responsible for gathering donations such as other food items, books, and coats for families in need across our community.

To Donate or learn more visit


Hello, My Name is Alexis White, and I am the Founder of “It’s A Moms Thang”. I have an associate’s degree in Business Administration, and I currently work as an Intake Coordinator for Behavioral Health. Being a mother isn’t easy, you have your good days, bad days, crying days, superwoman days, and even loving days. Trust me, I understand, because I am a mother of two precious daughters ages 5 and 6. Even with all those different days combined, I must remind myself that being a mother is rewarding in many ways. There have been so many times I have felt like I failed as a mother, and I sympathize with other mothers as well, who might be feeling the same way. Through these experiences, “It’s A Moms Thang” was birth in 2019 to reach mothers that are silently crying out for help and feel like they are doing it alone. Philippians 4:13 is my favorite scripture, “I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength” and guess what Mommies, you can as well! You must think of motherhood as you have the Strength of Sampson, the Faith of Abraham, the Wisdom of Solomon, the Patience of Job, and the Courage of David. I tell myself every day not to Quit and keep pushing because Guess What?? The best is Yet to come! Stay Encouraged.



For First Responders

It’s all about being there. Being available. Being accessible. We show up and share the journey because even Heroes need a Helping Hand.

It is important to know that we do not consider ourselves as merely “Chaplains for Christians”. We are here to support all in public safety, regardless of what they may or may not believe. We will always do so with gentleness, empathy and love. However, it’s equally important to know that we are Christian Chaplains. That means that we see the world, and all that it holds, through a very specific lens of faith and hope. Without apology, we will always present ourselves as Ambassadors of Christ and His Gospel.




“She was bigger than life. She loved everything. Always wanted to be on the go. She was very expressive. We don’t want that to end, we want to continue that. ”

Natalie Bacho explains the spirit behind Abby’s Angels, her family’s foundation in honor of her late daughter, Abby, that began in earnest last month.

On Dec. 22, 2012, a truck driven by a teenager sped through a red light, smashing into the side of the Bacho van, driven by Natalie and carrying the Bacho family plus Abby’s grandfather.

Stephen and Natalie were air-flighted to Atlanta hospitals. The others were taken to the local Piedmont Newnan Hospital. Stephen was in an induced coma for several weeks and has since recovered well, but daughter Abby was taken off life support on Christmas Day. The family donated her organs. She was 9 years old.

Abby LOVED to play school and pretend to be the teacher. She also loved shopping for new school supplies each year. With that, came the excitement, curiosity, and wonderment of learning. We believe that Abby may have followed her dream of being a teacher.

Our wish is that each “Abby’s Closet” be a source of assistance to students and even encourage their desire to learn and further their education. Abby’s closets provide so much more than pencils and paper. Each space offers hope acceptance while greeting students with Abby’s giving spirit.

To donate and learn more about The Abby’s Angels foundation, visit


There is nothing more rewarding than offering the hope of a brighter future to a child who has been the victim of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. These stories illustrate the incredible journey that Bloom’s foster parents have undergone in order to provide safe, loving homes and healing relationships to foster children in Georgia. Their amazing stories bring to life the joys of foster parenting, and the incredible successes that can come from stepping into the lives of foster children.

To Donate, volunteer, or become a Foster Parent…visit




According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1 in 15 children are exposed to intimate partner violence each year, and 90% of these children are eyewitnesses to this violence.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, more than 20,000 phone calls are placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide on an average day.

According to Futures Without Violence, married immigrant women experience higher levels of physical and sexual abuse than unmarried immigrant women, 59.5 percent compared to 49.8 percent, respectively.


Promise Place provides comprehensive domestic violence services to
Fayette, Spalding, Pike, and Upson Counties.

Promise Place 24 Hr. Hotline – 1800-799-7233

Even the smallest donation can help make a difference. Donate today, visit



Nonprofit Animal Rescue on a mission to save adoptable pets.

When you adopt from RAR, you save the life of a pet who may have arrived at the Refuge because their time was up at a municipal shelter. We receive pets from all types of situations due to no fault of their own. Adopting from an animal rescue also helps stop the cycle of puppy mills.

Our Services

Pets arrive in our care from a wide variety of situations. Some are rescued from municipal shelters as strays; others are surrendered to our care due to no fault of their own; and some are rescued from neglect or abuse situations.

Often, behavior changes are the result of changes in the pet’s living environment or unknown medical needs. Our behavior assessment helps identify changes in order to retain family and pet bonds and reduce rehoming.

Our adoption team works diligently to match pets with families. Our behavior assessment team gets to know the pet thoroughly and matches accordingly. Often, we receive multiple adoption applications for highly adoptable pets.

Microchipping your pet is the best way to ensure that if your pet ever gets lost, finders will be able to reunite you with your pet. It is important to register your chip right away and update immediately if your information changes.MAKING A DONATION – We are a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization so your donations are tax-deductible. We do not receive government assistance but rely on public donations to continue our mission, serve the community, and rescue adoptable pets. Visit www.royalanimal

G. Marie Opens her Alabaster Box to Peachtree City Moms.

Covid-19 rendered unforgivable consequences on our community in a way that called for a community response. G. Marie’s response came by way of her non-profit organization, Alabaster Box Atlanta, Inc. through which she was able to collect clothing, shoes, accessories, and a bevy of household needs from her generous clients. The mission is to provide a viable and discreet resource for clothing and accessories specifically for the underserved families of Atlanta; one that is easily accessible on a daily basis, and free of charge.
G. Marie Cleaning
G. Marie Cleaning’s unique “Top to Bottom” approach guarantees satisfaction from all of her clients, however, it is not your typical cleaning service. Working in tandem with G. Marie Cleaning services, Alabaster Box Atlanta provides opportunities for G. Marie Cleaning clients to contribute to the community by donating clothing, accessories, and household items. G. Marie Cleaning also allows her clients to gift cleaning services for families in need of housekeeping services. Visit

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