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With all of the changes that the last few years have brought, it is extremely important to be a mindful parent. How do we accomplish that with the ever-negative news that is being broadcasted everywhere you look? Paying close attention to your child. One thing that I do want to note before jumping into a few ways to be a mindful parent is that you have to recognize that you are already doing an amazing job. You are just the parent that your child needs. You are doing an amazing job! 

However, no matter how great of a job we are doing, I always believe that there is room for improving our mindfulness. Everyone can improve this aspect in their life and in their relationships in some way. That is why I would like to share a few ways to be intentional when it comes to being a mindful parent in 2021, and especially with school starting back up again.

Schedule family time

The best way to stay close to our children is to have conversations with them. Talk face to face. Don’t settle for a quick hello in passing or a 3-minute conversation between Netflix episodes. When you have persistent conversations with your family they’re more likely to come to you when they have problems. Even with an increased personal connection, our children may not be willing to open up to us about every situation in their life. Don’t feel like a failure if that is the case! You want to maintain a parenting-styled relationship with your children. Be an authoritative figure that they can look up to, someone who is a positive example.

Be mindful of triggers and common signs

The experience that your children will have growing up may be similar to what you faced, but it will never be identical. Some of the emotional and behavioral changes that adolescents go through will be predictable, but not all of them. Sometimes, it can be hard to see these signs on your own, and that is where listening to the team around you can be very helpful. What do I mean by your team? Your child’s school teacher, their sports teams, your friends, and even their counselor. If you have not reached out to a counselor in the past and are concerned about stressors in your life or your child’s life, consider doing so! The professionals at Ray of Hope (which is a local counseling company) can provide you with insights into understanding their behavior and developmental needs. Be mindful of the way your child acts. Unexpectedly acting out, talkin back, or refusing to open up can seem like a traditional teenage response, but it is always worthwhile to talk to a professional. Triggers may not be caused by an abrupt traumatic experience. Anxiety can be triggered by experiences like starting at a new school, needing to speak in front of a crowd, or expressing failure.

Offer outside help

If you feel like your child is unwilling to open up to you, then offer them additional opportunities to express their feelings. Reach out to the professionals at Ray of Hope Counseling Services for counseling for your child. They are licensed to help to provide a number of resources for things like depression and anxiety related to children. Encourage your children to be open minded about speaking with professionals. Not only will counseling give your children the opportunity to express the way they’re feeling with someone in a judgement-free setting, but it will teach them more about themselves and coping with their specific life experiences. 

Ray of Hope can be an asset to your entire family. They have marriage, individual, family and adolescent therapy in Peachtree City GA. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to sessions in person because they offer virtual options to fit your needs. Want to schedule a counseling session after you get off of work, but you’re too tired to make the commute? Give them a call. Counseling could be an incredible opportunity for your entire family to put your current emotions on the table and find ways to talk through issues you’re facing at home.

Being a mindful parent puts you closer in touch with your children. You’ll never be able to read their minds, but you will show them that you care deeply about their thoughts and feelings.


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