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Meet Dr. Agrawal at Freedom Allergy now with two locations….115 Genevieve Court, Peachtree City, GA and 115 Oak Hill Blvd, Suite 100, Newnan, GA. People travel from all over the world to receive his life saving OIT, Oral Immunotherapy, and SLIT, Sublingual Immunotherapy! In our interview below, Dr. Agrawal explains how each of these therapies work, the process involved, and what to expect. We are truly lucky to have such an incredible world renowned Doctor and medical resource right here in Peachtree City and Newnan.


Please share your background and how you chose to specialize in Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology?

Doctor Agrawal originally specialized in pediatrics. During residency, he specialized in pulmonary patients, and this is how Dr. A saw a lot of allergy and asthma patients. From there he became interested in asthma patients. After residency, he decided to do a fellowship in Allergy and Immunology, he took special interest in food allergies and food challenges. This has led him to become a world-renowned Allergist and Immunologist who specializes in treating food allergies with OIT, oral immunotherapy. He is also a Civil Surgeon who does immigration exams for people looking to get their Green Card.

What is Oral Immunotherapy and how does it work?

Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is a method of desensitizing your body to an allergen. A person suffering from a food allergy can develop a tolerance to the food by ingesting small doses over set time intervals. The concentration of food gradually increases throughout the therapy until you can eat the food without having an allergic reaction. Once the maintenance dose has been achieved, and the body is desensitized to the allergen, the patient is able to consume the allergen without a reaction. In other words, the body is retrained to not react to allergenic foods. This is achieved by consuming increasing amounts of food allergen(s) by mouth every day. This treatment should only be performed by an experienced board-certified allergist, in the safety of a medical setting. Dr. Agrawal at Freedom Allergy is only one of a few board-certified physicians in the Southern Region to perform this innovative allergy treatment.

How long does it take to become immune from a food allergy?

Patients do not become immune from a food allergy, they instead become desensitized to lessen the risk of reaction. For OIT, patients generally consume their dose once a day, and up-dose every 10-14 days. It normally takes between 20-25 updoses (about 40-50 weeks) to reach maintenance. However, if a patient requests, Dr. Agrawal may offer twice a day dosing, with updoses every week.

Is there a protocol for seasonal allergies as well?

Children and adults with allergic rhinitis (seasonal allergies), allergic asthma, and conjunctivitis can benefit from allergy treatment known as “immunotherapy,” or allergy shots. Allergy shots work similarly to immunizations, where the body is given an injection of an allergen and develops immunity or “tolerance” to that allergen.  These shots can relieve allergy symptoms and lessen a person’s sensitivity to the allergen. With allergy shots, you will receive an injection of a small concentration of the responsible allergen. Over weeks to months, the concentration of the allergen will be increased until the body develops enough of a tolerance that it will not react to the allergen the way it used to.There is also another option called SLIT (sublingual immunotherapy). This is another form of immunotherapy where your allergen is diluted into drops that are put under the tongue for desensitization.

Meet the Team:

Dr. Agrawal, Board Certified Allergist and Immunologist, MD

Amanda Newton, FNP-C

Brandy Czock, FNP-C

Jacob Larison, FNP-C

Danielle Harris, MA, allergy shot specialist

Jill Monheim, RN

Ouafia Lezoul, RN

Zarana Chauhan, MA

Shannel Bryant, MA

Kaitlyn Lackey, MA

Anna Stinson, MA

Jill Todd, Office Manager

Colleen Barber, Office specialist

Grace Lehmann, Office Specialist

Annalee Siller, Office Specialist


What other Specialty Services do you provide?

Food Allergies​​​-   Fire Ant & Insect Allergies
Environmental Allergies​​-   Chronic Hives
Wheezing &Asthma​​-   Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)​-   Chronic Cough
Acute & Chronic Sinusitis​-   Recurrent Infection
Eczema​​​​-   Immigration Exams


What is the best thing about working at Freedom Allergy?

-The smile on patients’ faces when they tell us we helped them.

-The work itself is very rewarding and we have the best team ever!

-Working with a caring boss and staff, transparency, no drama.  Our amazing patients!

-The opportunity to always learn something new from each other. The amazing staff is genuine.

-Working with an amazing team and awesome boss! The best is making our patients happy.

-Compassionate Dr. and providers, teamwork environment

-The positive work atmosphere here is due to having a great boss.

-Working with wonderful staff and patients. I love coming in to work every day because the staff feels like family.  And of course, helping our patients find freedom from allergies!

-The genuine and diligent peers. We are lucky to work with Ouafia’s baking! Our holiday parties are super fun and yummy! They are always unforgettable.



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