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Meet Ceandrys Black, Mom of 4 and CEO of R.A.W. Body Essentials, a nature-made skincare line that she originally founded in Hawaii. R.A.W. Body Essentials is best known for their luxurious all natural massage candles and decadent dessert bath bombs, soaps, and skincare. Get to know Ceandrys as she takes us through her journey becoming an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Spiritual Leader, and the true meaning behind her brand R.A.W., along with some special Mom advice in our Q&A below.

Q & A

Hi Ceandrys, where are you from? I am originally from New Orleans, LA, but have lived in Ewa Beach, Hawaii for the past 25 years.

How many kids do you have?  I have 4 beautiful children 

What do you love about Peachtree City and surrounding areas? I love the serene atmosphere, family (Ohana) surrounding and four seasons which is something not experienced in Hawaii the past years. 

What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to shop in Peachtree City and/or surrounding areas? I currently don’t have one but I have to admit I love RAW 🙂

Tell us about your career? For 15 years I served as Executive Pastor in Hawaii alongside my husband at I4TK managing 22 sub departments in organizational structure and servant leadership training. Since the age of 5 I have played music and was on national television shows such as Fame, Tony Brown’s Journal and other programs. While music was a passion for me there was always a call of being creative and authentic. Out of the box artistry is a passion for me. While living on the island of Oahu and seeing the power of family and the infrastructure it encompasses, I yearned to impact one area I saw that was lacking and that was the unity of sisterhood amongst women. In 2018, I became a certified Life Coach from IPEC and started understanding levels of energy were extremely vital. Understanding the power of aromatherapy became a major interest for me. Therefore, I started studying aromatic blends and launched my perfume line RAW Perfumes Inc.

Prior to the for profit, I launched RAW International which was a non profit focused on creating an experience beyond conferences that wasn’t based on emotions but a lasting encounter where women could experience a full spiritual balance amongst other powerful women.
During the process of life’s experience I began to understand the reverse of the God given acronym RAW was WAR.
Social shifts of norms and trends changing can influence one’s lifestyle often creating a war of who you are, what your career is or other affluent topics. I recognized when women are at war with one another a great indication can be the war within. It is then that the fullness of RAW was made clear.
Hearing women share how much they enjoyed my transparency, encouragement, and hugs was humbling for me and I knew this was always bigger than myself. Therefore, the birth of R( Releasing) A (Authentic) W (Wo-men) was manifested. When I understand who I am authentically created to be, I can then help empower and encourage others to be the Authentic you.

How did you decide on this Business? After launching a perfume line I had my own war because my name wasn’t known. I didn’t have  a big influencer pushing my product so discouragement and failure overwhelmed me.  Instead of sitting in what I felt was failure, I began to explore that there was something greater and started to seek counsel and wisdom on what I was really called to do.  This message could reach many whether you are a career woman, a mom, an entrepreneur, spiritual person, artist, etc. The butterfly was and is my symbol. In life, we will have several transformational periods and how we see that is key. Using the Rs is key…one representing my past and how it can help the second R my future and push me to become the best me I can be.

Jewels are raw and three of the most precious ones we love. In the raw state of things we don’t always understand the purpose and vitality of it’s beauty. 

Gold, in the process of fire, it becomes Refined and beautiful to look upon

Pearl, the irritant inside, creates a fluid that manifest such a beautiful pearl

Diamond, where what we think is to cut us, is really a part of shaping us to be the great sparkle we see. 

So in using RAW herbs, flowers, minerals, powders when connected to nature (you and me) we enjoy the amazing benefits and purpose of what they were created to do and be.

What is the best thing about your job? We get to connect with amazing people, encourage them, empower them to love the skin that they are in and formulating new products while attending school and always educating myself with what amazing properties our earth has to offer us.

Advice for Mom’s or a Mom hack you would like to share? Always take time for yourself. As nurturers we are always giving of ourselves selflessly but self love is key and so important. Refresh, Reflect and Reward yourself because you are doing a great job Mom’s Never give up on your dreams and remember delayed doesn’t mean denied and what can appear to be failure is just a detour and a path to travel you would’ve never taken or experienced if you stayed in your same pattern.

Smile because Special Moms Inspire Lovely Environments!

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