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Meet Paulette Rigo, Mom of 5 adult children, 2 grandchildren (and one on the way), Aerial Yoga Teacher, and Founder of The Better Divorce Academy! Paulette currently resides in Newnan, GA with her Husband. In our Q&A with Paulette, she shares the hardship of her own very difficult and painful divorce which led and inspired her to become a Mediator and completely redefine the divorce experience.



What is your background? Tell us about your career.
PAULETTE RIGO: Pioneering the Path to a Better Divorce

Discover the innovative approach of Paulette Rigo, CEO and Founder of Better Divorce Academy, as she redefines the divorce experience.

Paulette, a renowned Credentialed ADR Mediator, Certified High Conflict Divorce Coach, CDC, CDS, CADP, Speaker, Better Divorce Podcast Host, and Best-Selling Author, offers a compassionate, effective pathway for those navigating the complexities of divorce.

Her groundbreaking work, including the #1 best-seller “Better Divorce Blueprint” and its accompanying resources, transforms the traditional divorce narrative. Paulette‘s unique blend of wellness expertise, drawn from extensive family law mediation training and personal experience, enables her to guide clients towards maintaining control, dignity, and a positive outlook and outcome.

At Divorce Right, Inc, as Director of Coaching and Case Management, Paulette‘s skill in assessing and matching clients to ideal professionals ensures a supportive and effective journey.

Her mantra, “avoid court, save substantially, and divorce swiftly without stepping foot in court,” is not just a promise but a proven reality.

Paulette Rigo’s journey to becoming a divorce innovator wasn’t planned; it chose her. Now, she stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment, helping clients to not just survive but thrive, crafting new chapters of fulfillment and peace.


What called you to become a Mediator?
My own personal 8.5-year fully litigated divorce case that included a 12-day trial and 4-year state supreme appellate court process propelled me to do this work. Hundreds of people reached out to me during this time and said “I heard about your case, I read about your case, how are you? I can’t believe you are still going through this. Why is it taking so long? etc etc etc …but the conversation would always end with “Can you help me?”
At first, I said “NO, I can barely help myself” but after about a year…I said YES…what have I got to lose?
After taking notes of cases in court, and listening to personal accounts of mistake after mistake others were making as well as myself…I asked my attorney if I should go to law school.
He said…you know Paulette, you owe it to give back, you have experienced what 99% of people will never experience and you have the ability to help them.
Here is his personal account.

Attorney At Law at MCGRATH & KANE ATTORNEYS AT LAW, INC.Martin Kane
October 28, 2021, Paulette Rigo was Martin’s client

  • I have known Paulette since I represented her in her divorce. She was not the typical client. She wanted to learn and understand the process of divorce from the perspective of a litigant, lawyer, expert witness and judge. She was completely invested in the process and was an asset to my firm, as well as herself, during the litigation. The issues were complex and Paulette understood every nuance of the case.

What is the best advice you can give to someone who might be considering a divorce?

Read my book Better Divorce Blueprint, work with an experienced, trained and private Certified Divorce Coach to get clear on your thought process and why, feel your feelings, decide what you want, be responsible for yourself, learn all 31 deal breakers, learn how to prepare and protect yourself, know ALL your options, how to mitigate outside influences, how to decide what is right for you and your family, how to take control of your emotions, gathering documentation, importance of a budget, lawyer speak, how to choose the right professionals to work with, managing stress like a pro…etc etc etc
What do you love most about your job?
Witnessing the “deer in the headlight” look transform to calm, strength, resiliency and courage when we start to create a best moving forward plan! It’s truly amazing to see fear melt into inspiration and empowerment.
Testimonials keep me going!
Review left by Lydia Clarkson
Paulette shepherded my ex & I through one of the most difficult phases of our lives with grace, intelligence, and kindness. I am so thankful that we were able to work with her, because I know it would not have been as easy with anyone else. Paulette has such a depth of knowledge of all the ins and outs of mediation and the divorce process, and is able to discuss them in a calm, reassuring way, even in the midst of parties who don’t always agree with each other. She has that rare talent of being able to bridge two parties and get them to come to a compromise agreement, where no one feels slighted afterwards. She is also highly motivated to keep you out of court if possible, and you can tell she puts all her energy into doing her best for her clients. Additionally, she referred us to a number of other professionals we needed for niche areas of our process. These contacts were all excellent, so it’s like working not just with one amazing person, but a 360 degree portfolio of professionals, for whatever need you might have with your case. Finally, Paulette is just an all around lovely person, extremely caring and supportive, which was such a boon to have during a very challenging time. I’ve recommended her to a number of friends already and will continue to do so!

What is your best “working mom” tip?

OH boy…how much paper do we have?

Stay calm. This too shall pass. Use a time tracking system and live by it. I LOVE my Full Focus Planner. Shut off all distractions when it’s time to get stuff done. Children are resilient. All they need is love and a feeling of security. They rest falls into place.

What is your favorite “mom hack”?
Listen to them. They speak the truth. Don’t waste time trying to figure them out and guess what they like and want. Just watch.
What do you love about Peachtree City and the surrounding areas?

I love the energy. We are far enough away from the insanity of ATL traffic but close enough when we need access to all a large city has to offer. I love the connection to and beauty of its natural landscape. We lived in Serenbe for one year and now directly on Lake Redwine. We get outside as often as we can to absorb all that nature offers us. Every week we try to explore a new nook of cranny of the area to experience the surrounding area of PTC. It’s worth it!!
What TV show are you loving right now? Book? Movie? Podcast?
We are currently watching “Love on the Spectrum”. It’s truly heartwarming.
Book: A Loving Table, Creating Memorable Gathering. I LIVE to entertain!!
Took us long enough, but we finally saw BARBIE…man oh man I love her clothes, car and house!!
Podcast: I have my own Better Divorce Podcast. I don’t listen to many because I spend so much time currating guests. Rich Roll is likely my favorite! He’s quite the inspiration.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our Moms?

Motherhood is a gift. Remember to give them “Roots and Wings” and the rest in frosting on the cake.

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