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Meet A Mom, Aria Morgan, is the Head of Marketing and Sales for Roundtown Collaborations, Wife to Tyler Morgan, and Mom to Daughter, Lilly, and Son, Parker, residing in Senoia, GA. She and the Roundtown Collaborations team have led the efforts for developing, recruiting, and branding for Triumph Station in Fayetteville, including The Dottie and The Hummingbird Room! In our Interview with Aria, she sheds light on her career path, the next big project she and the Roundtown Collaborations team are working on, and some great “working Mom” tips!



Hi Aria, What is your background? Tell us about your career.

I started my marketing career in college with a variety of internships for large corporations in the legal, sports, and media industries. After college, I jumped into the corporate world leading the marketing, branding and sales efforts for a skincare company in Florida. From there, we moved back to Georgia where I was hired to lead all the marketing efforts for a start-up consumer electronic and tech company. In 2017, I had my daughter, Lilly, and decided to leave the 9-5- type marketing role, and start my own marketing and branding agency working with local clients and businesses remotely. In 2020, COVID hit and working remotely became a norm that I was actually thankful I had built a business on.

In 2021, I was reached out to by the Founder of Roundtown Collaborations to serve as the Head of Marketing and Sales of Roundtown Collaborations, a new local placemaking company launching in Fayetteville, Georgia, to drive all branding, marketing and sales initiatives. As part of the Roundtown Collaborations team, we led the efforts for developing, recruiting, and branding Triumph Station in Fayetteville, as our first portfolio project including The Dottie and The Hummingbird Room. We are starting our next project now which is geared to turn the old vacant Fayetteville city hall into a lively market-style environment focused around community, new businesses, entrepreneurship, and fueling the energy that this area is experiencing.

Through my passion for my community and marketing and placemaking, I am eager to help small businesses and entrepreneurs get the marketing support they need and can afford. We strive to serve the community by creating places for people to gather, supporting and creating local industry, and training staff and the next generation to contribute to both.

What is the best thing about your job?
As a Fayette County native, I believe in the importance of community and helping others make this community the place I’ve always called home, so it’s great being part of a company that focuses on reviving places for the community. I also am very thankful my job is flexible and family-first. Some days require working from home with a sick kid or running out of a meeting to go on a field trip, so a company, clients, and partners that understand and appreciate the duties of motherhood as well is important for me.

What is your best “working mom” tip?
If you can afford to financially, get someone to do the stuff you hate doing or that takes up precious family time. Whether it’s hiring a cleaner to come once a month to deep clean or finding a meal prep or delivery service to help you with meals throughout the week (there’s so many local moms that offer these services)! If you want to save money then save time by shopping for groceries online to be delivered, meal prepping at the beginning of the week with big batches of shredded chicken and crock-pot meals, and getting the entire family involved for specific “cleaning” afternoons or days (but maybe those days end with ice cream sundaes so they’re not dreaded). Anything that can help you so you don’t feel
like you have to do it all is essential!
What is your favorite “mom hack”?
Always keep “emergency” items in the car for the kids – and by emergency items I mean snacks (never know when you’re stuck at the 74 light and your kid gets hangry) a towel and change of clothes (you never know if you decide to go to the local splash pad or jump in puddles), a hairbrush/ ponytail (running out the door sometimes hair brushing for school is in the car), hand sanitizer (of course), a travel first aid kit (essential with kids) and small toys/ things to do like a coloring book (when you get stuck again at the 74 light or need some back up at a restaurant).

What TV show are you loving right now? Book? Movie? Podcast?
I’m late to the game but I read Where The Crawdads Sing this past summer and loved it! I haven’t watched the movie yet but I’m looking forward to seeing how it compares to the book. My favorite show right now is House of Dragons on HBO. My husband and I loved Game of Thrones and this spin-off is up to par with the series. Our family favorite TV show right now is Bluey! It’s so cute and we all love watching the show together.

What do you love about Peachtree City and surrounding areas? (Favorite Restaurant, shops, etc…)
I love how connected Peachtree City, Senoia, Fayetteville and all the surrounding areas are. Our favorite date night spot is Curious Pig in Peachtree City but my favorite girls dinner is Bistro Hillary in Senoia. My favorite place to go with the family for an outing is Triumph Station and to grab rosé to go from the Hummingbird Room to enjoy in the park while my kids play! Donuts from Heirloom cannot be beat and my favorite ice cream is the waffle bowl filled with lemon sugar cookie from Rock Salt Milk Bar in Newnan! We live in Senoia, my kids go to school in Peachtree City, I work in Fayetteville and we go to church in Sharpsburg – so I love just how connected and the variety everything offers too! I also love how family focused this community is with events, Moms2Mom groups, etc. It takes a village!

Is there anything else you would like to share with our Moms?
As moms, we try to do it all. But, we’re only human. Some days will be a hot mess, and other days we will feel on top of the world! The most important thing is that you’re doing what’s best for you and your family and that looks different for everyone.

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