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Photo Credits: Elizabeth Lim of Beach Cities Moms

Before we were moms, we didn’t realize one of the hardest parts of motherhood would be coming up with what to make for dinner Every. Single. Night. Pre-kids, cooking was a hobby, something we enjoyed doing as a break from take-out, completed at our own pace, sometimes with a glass of wine in hand. Now, it can feel more like a chore, done while juggling after school activities, homework and the rest of the pre-bedtime hustle.

That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Laura’s Lean Beef, a favorite ingredient we’ve been using for years to face the dinner dilemma. See below for 6 reasons Laura’s Lean should be on your standing grocery order, and how Elizabeth Lim, the talented Mom of two behind Beach Cities Moms (who also happens to be an experienced recipe creator) uses it! Plus, her go-to burger recipe for summer grilling.

Lean Ground Beef is Part of a Healthy Diet
Like all lean ground beef, Laura’s Lean is lower in saturated fat than other ground beef that is overall higher in fat. It is also an excellent source of protein. Finally, it contains no added hormones or antibiotics –ever. It’s naturally gluten-free and all of the Laura’s Lean Beef is vegetarian-fed. “As a mom, I always try to buy the healthiest option I can find for the whole family, and lean ground beef is a staple in our house,” says Elizabeth.

You Can Do Almost Anything With It
There are fewer raw ingredients that can be used in as many dishes as lean ground beef. The possibilities are almost endless: pasta, tacos, stuffed peppers, meatballs, and more adventurous recipes like empanadas and Italian lasagna soup.


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