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As a mom, I believe having a creative outlet is important for moms for several reasons that include self-expression and personal fulfillment; mental and emotional well-being as well as personal growth and development.  

Recently, as part of a collaboration with The Local Moms Network, I’ve gotten to know a company that makes it their business to empower moms to find fulfillment through flexible work as independent social media managers.  The company is called Hay There Social Media and if you haven’t heard of them,  I highly recommend you check them out.  

Hay There Social Media helps moms looking for what’s next or what else professionally, across the U.S., with their proven training and ongoing support community.  I have enjoyed getting to know the team since I am also a mom who is committed to work life integration and the need for truly flexible work.

I recently did a webinar with Hay There Social Media’s team: Emily A. Hay, the founder and CEO; Ali Spitzer, COO and Kelli Robinson, Director of the Community Experience, to give more moms insight about a flexible work option they may not have known existed or didn’t realize they were qualified to learn.  I am proud to offer a $250 off discount to women who enroll in their program. Click here! You can use promo code: haytherepeachtreemoms250.

The work option they cover in the webinar is becoming an independent social media manager.  Did you know that social media marketing is one of the most in-demand skillsets for freelance professionals?  Furthermore, by working as an independent social media manager, you have an active work experience that can close a resume gap and enhance your LinkedIn profile as a certified skill.  Talk about a benefit!  

In this webinar with the Hay There Social Media team, we dive into the dynamic landscape of the social media industry today, with a special focus on the exciting possibilities it holds for professionals seeking flexibility, including moms!

We delve into the world of flexible work as a social media manager, uncovering how it can benefit businesses in establishing a strong online presence. We discuss the necessary skills and explore what it takes to thrive in this role (SPOILER: it’s all learnable).

Additionally, Hay There Social Media guides participants on entering this field and provides insights on working as an independent social media manager within their supportive community of women. We share specific examples illustrating the various possibilities and, of course, address the earning potential. To wrap it up, we offer practical next steps for attendees.

Flexibility in work arrangements is gaining immense popularity in today’s society. Countless individuals are embracing flexible options, and this trend is particularly significant for moms seeking to rediscover themselves after embracing motherhood. Sometimes, all it takes is a little retraining and the right support to unlock new opportunities.

 If this is something you’d like more information on, simply visit Hay There Social Media <INSERT AFFILIATE LINK > and schedule a call with them.  

You can watch the webinar recording here:

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