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In Georgia, we have seen some wild weather recently. Just the other day, it was 70+ degrees and the next day was in the 30s, with a slight chance of winter weather. Typically, this time of the year is totally cold by now, but I took it as an opportunity to get more done in my home this year…and now, I think the cold weather is slowly dropping and here to stay, which means that it’s time to really prepare for winter now, if you haven’t already. Need help? That’s what this post is for! Here are 5 ways to prepare your home for the winter.

1.) Consider potential freezing temps

The first thing that you will want to consider is if you will see any freezing temps this year. Now, you cannot exactly predict weather patterns, but in general, you probably know what to expect. What does this mean for you? Protect your home by winterizing spigots, dripping faucets (if needed), protecting your garden when needed, and making sure that your home does not get too cold if you leave on vacation.

2.) A good gutter cleaning

Let’s talk about your gutters first. Over the last few months, you will more than likely have had quite a bit of leaves, acorns, and other small objects falling off of your trees. It is very easy for these things to get caught in your gutters and if they get too clogged, it could potentially cause damage to your home. If you need gutters or gutter work, Greater American Roofing can help with that. They say that your gutters help protect both your rooftop and the foundation of your home. But, this only works if your gutters are well maintained, starting with expert precision for the install. They can help with install, cleaning, and repairs, so that you can protect your whole home. In addition to gutter work, they can also help with exterior painting, driveway sealing, siding installation, metal and TPO roofing (commercial), roof repairs, roof replacements, and they even offer a free roof inspection in Alpharetta GA. The cool thing about them? They offer free on-site OR virtual personalized re-roofing estimates and quotes. They use quality materials and everything is backed by their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest easy.

3.) Think about your fans and windows

While I like cooler temperatures, I know not everyone does and even if you do, I am sure you do not want your home to be freezing cold. A few great ways to help keep heat in your home is to reverse your ceiling fans and focus on your windows. Caulk any holes that you have around your windows, think about installing window films, and install big curtains to keep as much cold air as possible out of your home.

4.) Don’t forget to have fun with decorating

Now, to me, the best part of all is decorating! I love making my home feel cozy and warm during the cold weather months. This includes adding blankets, candles, and decor all around the house. There are so many different winter decorations that you could choose from. Get the kids involved – they could have fun with it, too.

5.) Inspect your attic

An annual attic inspection may not be the top thing on your list to do but it is very important to do for your safety,  especially when purchasing a new home. You want to make sure the truss and rafters are secure and prevent fire danger. Water damage is also a problem, it can cause wood to rot and pipes to leak. Water can also cause mold to your insulation. Something people don’t know much about is how wildlife can potentially affect your attic. Squirrels can gnaw through the insulation around the pipes to expose dangerous electrical fires. Air movement through your vents is a very important factor to prevent dangerous mold throughout your home.

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