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Searching for after school activities that your child will enjoy can be daunting. To help you make your search as easy as possible this fall, The Peachtree City Moms have featured some local favorites. Whether your child is in pre-k or high school, loves playing piano or soccer, there are a number of options to choose from.

At Dance Contempra, we are passionate about teaching dance and building relationships with our students that last a lifetime. We have been training amazing dancers who go on to work in all fields of dance for the past 2 DECADES! From Beginner to Advanced Levels in all disciplines and multiple class options including a Musical Theatre dance class, you can schedule a trial class at anytime.

We have two major school performances per school year. We invite new students to join our program throughout the school year. Have more questions? please give us a call at 770-631-0460 and schedule some trial classes today!
Visit www.dancecontempra.net.

Be Sure to follow us on Instagram @dancecontempra and for continuous updates check our Facebook page!


Petite Debut is a local pop-up music studio offering process-based music classes for children (ages 0-12 yrs). In 2022, we were recognized as a Top Kindermusik program provider out of thousands of studios worldwide. In addition to supporting local families in our private PTC & Senoia classes, we are also delighted to support our local community through preschool visits and homeschool groups. See below for this year’s fall class offerings:

Kindermusik for Ages 0-18 Months: This class gives young toddlers room to explore! This special group experience gives toddlers a chance to learn new movement and language skills through dance, creative movement, echo songs, and more. This class is month to month with new units and themes every calendar month. Enrollment is $70 per month. Sibling discounts available.
Kindermusik for Ages 1.5-3 Years: This class continues to lay a basic musical foundation while also giving childrenthe opportunity to express their own ideas and creativity. They’ll learn new vocabulary, play instruments, and do things “their own way,” while making cognitive strides. This class is month to month with new units and themes every calendar month. Enrollment is $70 per month. Sibling discounts available.
Kindermusik for Ages 4-7 Years: Our Young Child Kindermusik classes teach children how to use musical notation to play instruments like the recorder and glockenspiel, and hone in on critical milestones to boost school readiness and performance. The best part about this class is we still do a lot of group music and movement, so your child will think they are playing when actually they are learning big musical concepts! Registration also includes a Glockenspiel for the family to enjoy at home!This class is a wonderful way to prepare your young child for more formal lessons in the future. This class is semester based. After initial $100 deposit, enrollment is $92.50 per month for first student. Sibling discounts available.
Kindermusik for Mixed Ages (0-5 years old): Sometimes, the best learning happens when we’re all together. Mixed age classes allow families with siblings, neighbor groups of varying age levels, and anyone who’s drawn to the time slot to attend. Educators accommodate powerful and enjoyable music and movement activities for all stages of development, so that everyone is comfortable, engaged, and learning! Enrollment is $70 per month. Sibling discounts available. Outdoor and indoor options available for this class.
Songwriting Class for Ages 8-12 Years: Our 6-week songwriting course will focus on making each participant’s story and imagination come to life through song. In this interactive program, participants will have the opportunity to learn about different styles of music, basic song structure, lyric writing, and how the elements of music come together with their creativity to build and create a song of their own. Participants will also be taught about a variety of tools such as garage band, song seeds, and free improvisation to be able to create songs in a fun and playful way. This level is beginner/introductory. Some musical background is helpful but not required. Enrollment is $210.
Schools, Homeschool, and Community Groups: If you have a group need for Kindermusik in your community, we would love to support you! Please contact us at info@petitedebut.com to start a conversation about your group’s needs.

For more details and to register, visit www.petitedebut.com/classes.



The Music Garden was founded in 1995 when the owner and creator, Luanne Harms’ two passions; children and music, came to fruition. Today, they have expanded to include the larger community of children, teens and adults. Their programs are rooted in the fundamental belief that music is an innate part of each of us, and that we all can learn, enjoy, and grow through music.  Please explore their website, themusicgardenptc.com; whether you are a long-time student or a new community member looking to explore your musical side.
The Music Garden’s beautiful facility is located in MacDuff Crossing in Peachtree City, Ga, and features two suites: one with a piano lab that houses a grand piano and 9 high-quality full-sized digital pianos, a teaching classroom. and a welcoming lobby.  The other suite features 5 studios, our offices and a lobby that comfortably seats our guests.

The Music Garden invites you to tour their facilities, meet with their staff and instructors, and set up a free demo class or lesson.  They would love for you to join their musical family. The Music Garden is located at 2860 Highway 54, Suite 202, Peachtree City, GA

  •  Piano
  •  Ukulele
  •  Guitar
  •  Voice
  •  Percussion and Drums
  •  Acoustic Upright String Bass
  •  Flute
  •  French Horn
  •  Low Brass (trombone, euphonium, tuba)
  •  Periwinkles Babies/Toddler Music and Movement Classes (Ages 6 mo – 36 mo)
  •  Music for Families classes (Ages 6 mo – 4)
  •  Poppies Preschool Music Class (Ages 3-4) Let’s Play Music Piano Class (beginning at ages 5 – 6)
  •  Presto Let’s Play Music Piano Class (beginning at ages 7 1/2 – 12)

The Peachtree City Lazers and the Tyrone Lazers are recreational clubs with nationally licensed coaches teaching ages 2-18 how to play soccer at their own individual pace in a fun and challenging environment.  

We look forward to seeing you this fall!

Please check out our website for both Peachtree City and Tyrone at www.lazers.soccer.


At Discover Science Center our mission is to serve the community by providing fun and interactive educational experiences and opportunities related to science in order to inspire and support a child’s passion for learning. Our programs are developed by scientists and educators that take advantage of kids’ natural fascination with science.

Discover Science Center is an informal science education enrichment center whose purpose is to supplement the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) curriculum taught in K-12 schools and homeschool programs through engaging hands-on science activities. 

Our programs are developed by scientists and educators, and take advantage of kids’ natural fascination with science. 

2802 GA-54, Peachtree City, GA 30269
MacDuff Crossing Shopping Center info@DiscoverScienceCenter.com (678) 545-1397



At Peachtree City Lacrosse our Mission is to promote lacrosse in the community while encouraging teamwork, sportsmanship, respect for others, personal responsibility, and growth

Peachtree City Lacrosse is a fully volunteer youth lacrosse club dedicated to bringing the sport of lacrosse to those boys and girls who will feed into area high schools.  We have players that are now continuing their playing time at the following high schools.

Come out and try the fastest game on two feet.



Think “TONY AWARDS”! An evening at the end of each semester in which students showcase a medley learned in their Musical Theatre Classes, improv skills from Improv class, and dance routines/skills learned in their dance classes!



American Black Belt Academy has one goal and that is to improve the lives of their students through the physical and mental training of martial arts. ABBA offers classes for all ages and levels. You can even try a class for FREE to see if it is the right fit for your child. It may take longer for American Black Belt Academy students to qualify for their black belts than some newer more contemporary Taekwondo schools require. At ABBAPTC, Master Kang believes all belts are earned at the individual’s pace and are measured by skill and maturity, not a timeline. The amount of time someone spends getting to black belt isn’t standardized but promotion from one black belt to the next is. and it takes years. American Black Belt Academy applies the standards to the levels prior to black belt. ABBAPTC is located at 303 Kelly Dr. #10 , Peachtree City, GA. Below are some different class options:

Warriors Class – ages 7-12 – This class is designed to help your child perform at his or her own pace. In addition to Taekwondo, our students learn to set and achieve their own personal goals. By learning perserverance and taking pride n their accomplishments, students gain greater self-confidence and a positive outlook that extends into every aspect of their lives.

Many people forget that martial arts can also be a path to inner peace. When a martial arts exponent kneels and closes their eyes and then opens them, it means that they have used the time to focus their mind. It is a path to finding inner peace and inner strength.

To register your child or try a free class in the Tiny Warriors or Warriors call, visit www.martialartsptc.com.



Robo Dojo enjoys making robotics learning fun.  Members learn and enjoy the fruits of their creations through our guidance and instruction using STEM based curriculum created by world renowned experts in innovative robotics technology. Through this curriculum, we apply age appropriate techniques and approaches to make learning fun, while they apply and acquire critical thinking skills that will supplement their academic development.

Robo Dojo invites children to a hands-on experience in robotics.  Children will have the opportunity to see and learn about how robotic technology works and how much fun it can be to design, apply and improve on their creation.  Robo Dojo also believes that the skills learned and applied here will help with our members’ academic performance, as well as their creative confidence. Our classes are Monday thru Thursdays 3:30 to 4:30 and 4:45 to 5:45. We also will be having summer camp starting June 2.   Go to .www.ROBODOJOS.com for details.

Peachtree City Little League is excited to announce our Opening Day Parade and Ceremony for the Spring 2022 season!

Festivities will begin at the PAC, on Saturday, March 5, at 9:00 AM. Teams will assemble on Field 7, and parade to Field 6, where we will have a brief ceremony with the National Anthem, Little League Pledge, and Ceremonial First Pitch.

We hope you will be able to join us as we kick off another great season of Little League baseball!

Visit www.fr.ptcll.com.


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